This is the most fun you can have with a television and a gun!

(Thanks to old Cactus Ed for the inspiration for this page!)

If you think guns cause too much damage in America, you should, as John Prine said, "Blow up your TV"! A television is surely one of the most dangerous items you can encounter anywhere. I personally think you should never go unarmed into TV country. Below is a photographic account of an encounter in the north woods with an especially dangerous TV. It was powered up and fully functioning showing a commercial for Toyota Trucks tearing up the wilderness! Now that's what I call dangerous game!

But being prepared for any contingency, I happened to be carrying my trusty old Winchester '95 in 405 WCF made back in 1905. It didn't take long to get a bead on that charging tele and send a 287 grain slug thru it's big eye at over 2300 feet per second! You don't want to wound a critter this dangerous. Use the big guns!

Yessir, that took out the picture right now! But it was still bellerin' it's foul sounds so my trusty hunting partner, Dennis Filipowski pulled out his Colt 45 (1911 Commanders Model) and plugged it in the sound box (Note the small hole in the speaker) while Lee Bush watched on in shock and amazement!

The beast was subdued. But just to be sure, and since we brought lots of ammo, we then proceeded to pretty much disassemble this Sony Trinitron menace. It will never harm anyone again!

One down. Four quadbizrillion to go!

Stay tuned for more!

The mighty hunter!

A fine specimen.

The entire hunting party with the kill.

Dennis and Lee dominate the beast!


Ok, so it took a little longer than expected...
Here is the much antici........pated (and way overdue)

(Not to mention, extremely low quality)

(But "Way Cool" (and very fun))

" One Less TV." music video
(Note: The URL at the end of the video has rotted but the content is still priceless!)

Thanks to Dennis and Lee for being nutty enough to help with (and carrying all the "hunting" equipment for) this expedition.
And thanks to Roger (Rocket Fuel) Muat for invaluable help with video capture and general excitement about life!

MTV look out!

By the way, in case you were wondering:
Yes, we did COMPLETELY remove all traces of the carcas (as well as a bunch of other junk) to leave this "wilderness" even cleaner than we found it!   (Which wasn't hard...)

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