Home-made "tree based" hoist. (The curse of being an engineer...)     8^)

Dropping the keel. (Well, actually lifting the boat off of it.)

I hear this boat really flies!

"A boat in port is safe. But that is not what boats are made for."

After our first race. "We came this close to taking second!"

Just another fun day of sailing.

Sailing lesson #732!     8^)     (Spud Cup, 2008)

Nicole and I coming in under sail after 5 highly educational high wind races in the Spud Cup. Nothing scares us now!

Skipper and crew. "We survived!"

Evening Magic.

So Easy to single hand.

Pretty red wall of fabric.

My friend Chris single handing his U20 "Black Sheep" on the last day of summer, 2008.

Could you ever get tired of looking at pictures of sails?!

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