Ultimate-24 Sailboat

The Ultimate-24 Sailboat (U-24) is a high performance sport-boat designed by Jim Antrim in the San Francisco Bay area. Only 11 boats were ever built. (Hull numbers go from 1 through 12 since #7 was reserved and never built.) The design had a bright future as a One-Design class until the economic crash following the 9/11 attacks which put an end to construction of new boats as well as the company (Ultimate Sailboats) itself.

Below are links to some information on this boat that I've collected from various sources.
This website is currently in it's very formative state (ugly) but I hope to pretty it up in the near future.
In the meantime, I hope it may be useful to current and future owners of this very special boat.
Also, depending on interest, etc, we may some day get a dedicated domain name.

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