Mike's Western Music

I've been playing guitar and singing since high school ("Long ago in a galaxy far, far away!") so you'd think I'd be better than I am.     Oh well...       8^)

Of course, that hasn't stopped me from getting great enjoyment out of writing and singing songs especially about the American West. In recent years I've started moving into music about the desert southwest and some of the amazing people associated with it. Below are a few links to some songs I've written and recorded. When you listen to them, please keep in mind the paragraph above!

Also, these are low bitrate (32kbps) mp3 files. They don't sound that great but work in most any player and give you the general idea of how the songs go.

If you see (or hear) something you like here or something you want to know more about, please drop me an email line. Enjoy.

Here's some other not necessarily western music of mine.

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