Katie Lee

Mike Jewell

(C) June, 2005

Here is a recording I made...
(I'd love to record someone who actually knows how to sing and play doing this song!)       8^)
If this song doesn't play in the background, you can download it here:
Snippit, 0.2 MByte MP3

(I capo up two frets and play the cords below.)

Now Katie Lee was a first class river rat
She was known down around Mexican Hat
She would float those muddy rivers down by Bluff
In the buff!  'Cause Katie likes it like that
She can sing till the cows come running home
Sing about the cows as well, and how they roam

Now Katie Lee is a writer of the West
She told us how it was with sadness and with jest
How the cowboys liked their coffee strong and black
They're all gone now but little Katie brings 'em back
And she told us all about gettin' dirty and havin fun
Running rivers long before the damming had been done


Now Katie Lee is a fighter for the Glen
And with her on our side we're bound to win
We're gonna drain that foul reservoir
And when we do that we'll look around for more
She remembers old Glen Canyon like it was
And with that vision we can fix it just because

Now Katie Lee was a first class river rat
Now Katie Lee was a first class river rat
Yeah Katie Lee is a first class river rat

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