My Collection of (Virtual) Donuts

Here are some pictures of donuts.
(Don't you just love this Web stuff?! .........Bartender!?..........)

(As Arlo said about the pickle:
"I knew it wasn't an ordinary donut!")

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The picture on the right is an actual photo of "primitive donut scavenging men clad only in yellow sticky notes" doing their donut dance to the gods. And the following link is a picture of them caught in the act of scavenging donuts from a conference room!
These donuts are all the product of a phenomenon that existed "Long Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far away..."
      Donut Day coffee break at the old HP!
        Donut Day is dead.... Long live Donut Day!

(Click on any picture to get a big (aprox 100 kbytes), delicious looking version.)

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This collection used to grow at the rate of about one donut/week.
Maybe someday it will come to life again!
Stay tuned.

November 11, 2004
Howard Strick died today after a long (42 years), hard working and productive life making the best donuts for Spokane, Washington. Thanks for all the donuts, Howard and good luck in your next (undoubtedly sweet) adventures.

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #39. 981028
It's time for those scary sprinkles to come out of hiding again!
Uh..Oh..! Looks like the Halloween spirit has taken over this donut and it has become SELF-AWARE!!! Here is a rare shot of what is believed to be the first ever sprinkle donut to COME TO LIFE!
(Wouldn't you know, the first thing it wanted to do was to surf the web!)

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #38. 971210
Thanks (again) to Mark ("I can't believe you MISSED this one!") Johnson for looking out for me at the donut table. (Someone has to do it!)

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #37. 971105
Whoa! Now this is an "out there" donut. Must have something to do with the day after election day. Be careful!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #36. 971008
Finally! Up to three dozen donuts!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #35. 970326
Maybe this one is special for being so bland. That'll do!
Did you know that comets are just big sprinkle donuts which occasionally visit the inner reaches of our "molar" system?!!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #34. 970312
Sort of a combination St. Patty's day and Easter donut.
Harbinger of Spring! Hurrah!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #33. 970115
Whew! We made it! Happy new year!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #32. 961218
As promised, here is the second pre-Christmas donut for this year. And, as suspected, it is much richer and, you might say, ominous as we approach the big day! Good luck everyone.

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #31. 961211
Well, I s'pose it's that time of year again. Might as well make the best of it by having another Christmas donut! The white on white background makes the red and green really stand out. Hopefully next week will bring another X-mas DN so we can compare and contrast. Joy!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #30. 961113
Boy, it's been a while. Seemed like there just weren't any new donuts under the sun. But this morning I was pleasantly surprised by this richly colored showpiece. (It tasted exactly like every other sprinkle donut in the world..... Good!)

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #29. 960911
Just another donut day in Paradise. Thanks to Holly (You're not REALLY going to put that thing on the scanner, are you?!) Gallinger for standing guard while I sucked this beauty into ones and zeros "Tron" style.

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #28. 960814
At first glance this looks like just another normally wonderful sprinkle donut. But wait! What's this? WHITE sprinkles?! Looks like we have something new under the sun! Thanks to Mark ("I can take ANYthing non-seriously") Johnson and John (Mr. Do-nalogy) Westerman for the incredibly deep (and long) discussion of this donut today at coffee break.
(The term "Sprinkle Conversation" got coined at this moment in history!)

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #27. 960717
My own house of donuts got started today! I think I'll celebrate by having a sprinkle donut. (I don't need much excuse.)

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #26. 960612
Another pretty donut.... What can I say?

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #25. 960508
This is a strange sprinkle donut. Maybe not at first glance, but check out the unusual sprinkles. The lavender ones are normal. The Yellow and Green ones are "Huge, Monster" sprinkles. Very strange indeed........

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #24. 960501
Chocolate on Chocolate! Yum!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #23. 960412
Thanks again Iris!

LOOK! A matched set. One raised. One cake.
Thanks to donut cowboy Dennis Jump for rounding 'em up for all to enjoy and to donut scout Mike (Maple_bar=1, Donut=0) Eisenman for pointing them out to me.

Sad Day for Donut Lovers:
Strick's Donuts in Spokane is closing after 76 years in business!
Howard Strick has owned the business for 42 (the answer to life, the universe and everything) years.
He has made "at least a million dozen" donuts in his lifetime but limits his consumption to one a day.
Good luck Howard in whatever you do and thanks for all the donuts!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #22. 960327
Here is your basic danged dangerous donut!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #21. 960320
Wow! What a beauty! Maybe the prettiest donut I've ever seen.
Thanks again to famous donut scout Iris (as in "eye" for donuts) Doherty.

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #20. 960221
A beautiful, pastel, "Hope of Spring" donut. (Tasted as good as it looks!)
Thanks to donut scout John (The human computer) Westerman for grabbing this one against all odds on this cold, wet, snowy, winter day. Come on sunshine!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #19. 960214
Happy Valentines Day!

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #18. 960117
Thanks to donut scout Mark (The first URL is free!) Johnson for this baby.
Also thanks to Alex Despres out there in web-land somewhere for asking for it!
(If this one looks like it has been dead for a week, it's because it has!) (The grease soaked thru the napkin and 5 or 6 sheets of paper on my pad.)

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #17. 951227
Notice the subtle but oh, so important difference between this (Post-Christmas) Christmas donut and the previous (Pre-Christmas) Christmas donut. Number 17 has a much lighter, more upbeat air to it. The holiday rush and hype are over and we can now just slide into the new year which will hopefully bring everyone good times and happiness.

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #16. 951220 . . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I was beginning to get real worried that the wild sprinkle donuts had been hunted to extinction which would have been a real shame from a biodiversity standpoint not to mention coffee-break diversity. But this morning I discovered evidence that, although definitely an endangered species, there is at least one member of the herd left. I just missed actually seeing it but did (with the able help of donut scout number two, Brian (Donuts are more than just a breakfast food.) Town), discover this dropping specimen which made my heart leap with hope! 951122

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #15. 951025

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #14. 951018

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #13. 951013
This really scary donut was actually walking down the hall (with a little help) on Friday, the thirteenth of October, 1995. And when I went to add it to this page, it was number 13!!! Ain't science wonderful?
(I know, I know! This is not REALLY a donut since it has no hole!)
I promise, I won't let it happen again!)

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #12. 951011
(Captured by chief donut scout; Iris "Donuts are O-tay!" Doherty.)

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #11. 950927

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #10. 950920

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #9. 950830

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #8. 950823

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #7. 950816

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #6. 950809

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #5. 950802
I'm doing a research project in Donology (The non-scientific study of donuts) with special emphasis on the sprinkology of the species. DOW #5 was the subject of my study.

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #4. 950726

DOW (Donut Of the Week) #3. 950719

My second one. Note bolder colors. Rescued 950712.

My first "Donut As Art". Notice the wire used to proudly hang it on display.

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