Dear Abbey

Mike Jewell

(C) Oct 24th, 1990

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(I capo up two frets and play in G.)

       Sung to the tune of John Prine's "Dear Abby"

  (Thanks to Tom Duncan for the inspiration for this song.)

     G                     C            G
Dear Abbey, Dear Abbey, My feet are too tired.
My hair's gettin' long and my mind's gettin' wired.
     G                            C             G
Been down in the desert with some gorp and some tang.
                                 D             G
And I'm thinking alot 'bout your Monkey Wrench Gang.
C  D        G

Chorus: (after each verse)
  Uncertain, Uncertain you're on the right track.

  Just get down in the desert and never come back.

  So listen up buster and listen to me.

  Just love it or leave it alone don't you see?

  Signed....Dear Abbey.

Dear Abbey, Dear Abbey, my bulldozer leaks.

The hydraulic lines were all cut by some freaks.

Every time that I try to rip up the land

Some hippie shows up with a wrench in his hand.


Dear Abbey, Dear Abbey, you won't believe this.

But I followed your footsteps into the abyss.

I was hiking around for five or six days

When I realized I was lost somewhere in The Maze.

Signed....Where am I?

Dear Abbey, Dear Abbey, well I never thought

That me and my chainsaw would ever get caught.

We were cuttin' them redwoods as fast as we could

'Till they passed some damn law just to save the last woods.

Signed....How could they?

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