Canyon Thoughts

Mike Jewell

(C) 1979??
Last modified: 970220
Another summer is now in sight.
I'm wondering what it will send.
There's nothing as fine as a deep summer night
In the Desert alone with your friends.

The smells and sounds of canyon walls
Where lately the sun has shown;
The rocks are warm when darkness falls
But the air soon chills the bone.

The stars leap out as shadows form.
An arch fills half the sky.
The Milky Way is like a storm
But your bag is warm and dry.

As the last of twilight slips away
Your tiring muscles rest.
What a beautiful way to end the day
In this paradise in the West.

I'll always return to the water and stone
To clear out my soul and my mind.
To listen to the Desert's undertone;
I'll remember these nights for all time.

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