Amateur Astronomy
     (Some cool sights I've seen!)

All images are Copyright, Mike Jewell.
Comet Ikeya Seki (1965f) (35kB JPG scan of old, grainy, B&W print)
Comet Ikeya Seki (1965f) (35kB JPG of Photoshop composite)
I took this picture when I was 15. It is still probably the most spectacular sight I've ever seen. The Photoshop composite is a reduced grain, colorized combination of two (15 and 20 second) exposures on Tri-X with a 50mm lens at f/2.8. The date was Oct 30th, 1965, 5:15 AM EST.
I was really lucky to have seen a comet of this beauty.
I have a large, high resolution version of this photograph. Contact me if you are interested.
Solar eclipse in Montana, Feb 26, 1979 (Color)(72k)
This shot was taken at the prime focus of my 6 inch f/4.6 RFT. I was in Lewistown, Montana. Eclipses are impossible to describe if you've never seen one. They are really fun! (But they sure can give you grey hairs sweating out the weather!)
1/250 second on Ektachrome 200 film.
Halley's Comet (Color)(119k)
I have a T-shirt I made that says "I saw Halley's Comet... I Think! ". The comet is just above center in the picture. Trust me. 8^)

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